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Just a girl 7 years ago
God damn! This Guy is too hot to be in porn, but I don't complain...
john doue 6 years ago
some actual acting in porn movies? I could get used to that!
The Juice is Loose 6 years ago
Man, what a great video.
Actual storyline, solid acting, girl is hot as hell, the guy looks pretty cool and not like a usual porn creeper, the two actors seem actually in love instead of a forced fake relationship...
Her tattoos are kind of dumb but other than that, awesome vid
Hos 6 years ago
I Want to fuck your girl
jjeyed 7 years ago
i want part 2 in bed.
Done 6 years ago
They did well at looking like they love each other and enjoyed it
Honey D 6 years ago
I want to fuck Logan sooo bad, his dick looks like it feels amazing O.O
MattStrzok 6 years ago
Hot video! Horny female with cam my Skky,pe, pinkyid3
names 7 years ago
Can I get her no
God 6 years ago